The magic number: 1970 Porsche 914-6


The seller of this rare Porsche 914-6 says that the asking price for this car is, for him, the “magic number” and, even though it’s debatable, he won’t accept much less or any trades.


The car itself seems indeed a barn find, unfortunately the photos provided are few and, even more unfortunately, in low resolution. On the other side the car is said to be a matching numbers specimen and that’s really important; the seller says also that the car has some rust spots (Hello Florida!) but it’s basically solid.


Last but not least, the seller says that this is not a scam: he won’t take any deposit and run but that he will sell the car after the potential buyer sees the car in flesh. Good to know. Find it for sale at $35,000 here in Jacksonville, FL.


5 thoughts on “The magic number: 1970 Porsche 914-6

  1. Do you still have the contact details for the Advertiser?
    Ad seems to have been pulled from Craigs List.
    Looking for a genuine, original 914/6 to purchase/ restore.


  2. If she comes back on market, let us know.
    I almost contacted ‘bob hindson racing, inc’, out in Kansas City, to see if they remember owner. Last tag was 1982, so likelihood of finding owner that way is slim.

    Registration, last tag 1982, is also slim availability from Registration search.
    So.. best let her go. thanks for your help


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