Small car, big style: 1957 Fiat 600 “Smart” by Bertone

To be cool, a car doesn’t have to be expensive: that was as true then as it is now.

Even the coachbuilders knew it sixty years ago, indeed, they had made a great effort to give a touch of originality and style to cars destined for the mass market, precisely because it was in this market that people were eager to distinguish themselves, despite not having large sums available to be allocated to the car to be used every day.

Many coachbuilders therefore practiced giving utility cars originality, nevertheless the Bertone bodywork did it, in particular with its work on the Fiat 600. A few but skilful touches were applied to this car: the two-tone paintwork, the frenched front lights and the enclosed taillights in the fins, a typical stylistic element of the automotive design of the 50s, inherited from overseas. The hubcups different from the standard ones and other small details that make the owner of this very rare version of a small, legendary car, feel special. Find it for sale at €25,900 (today $27,500) here in Brescia, Italy.


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