Hen’s teeth: 1955 Fiat 1100 Gran Turismo by Viotti


Here it is a very rare car. It belongs to the big family of the coachbuilt Fiat 1100-103 build during the fifties, an obscure but very fascinating story.


This is called “Gran Turismo” (as the badges on the front fenders say) and it based on a “normal” Fiat 1100-103, so not the TV engine and the big brakes neither. On the other side, ths is the firsttime we see one for sale and we guess that will’ not seeanother one for sale for years. The seller says that three only of these still survive today, and this one has the original black plate.


The car is said to be restored (ok, it clearly is) but nothing more than that. It is equipped with a set of wire wheels which are very rare on these cars (wire wheels were expensive back then too) and the chrome is shining. Unfortunately there are not photos o the engine bay otr boot, we would like to see them. Find it for sale at €60,000 (today $74,800) here in Verona, Italy.


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