Best offer gets it: 1969 Aston Martin DBS


“Building find” are the words used by the seller to describe this car, a rare LHD Aston Martin DBS which had for sure a restoration beginning but no much more than that.


Indeed the body has been brought to bare matal in order to do a deep restoration job, but clearly something went wrong and then the work didn’t go much further than the early stage. Actually the car has been mostly disassembled of the main parts like engine and the manual ZF, five speed transmission, but the seller says he has it.


The good is that, being the body without paint, you can see that the car doesn’t suffer much of rust, neither it seems to have been crashed in the past, so this looks like a proper candidate for a restoration job. The bad is that the seller asks for a best offer, so he didn’t disclose the asking price, and that these cars are very expensive to restore so, as long as it’s not a V8 model, we believe that this car can’t be paid more than $40K. Find it for sale here in Miami, FL.


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