Faded star: 1973 Maserati Merak 3000


Differently from the Maserati tradition, this car was given the name of a star belonging to the Ursa Major constellation.


And, differently from its predecessors, this car had not a tubular chassis but an unibody. Of course if you know the Maserati family it’s clear that this car has been designed to be the smaller sister of the Bora, and that’s mostly because it had the bad luck to be born in the middle of the oil crisis of the early seventies.


This particular car is said to sleep since 15 years ago when its current owner parked it, and the car doesn’t run since then. It has the original black plate but, as the seller says, need to be refreshed. It’s for sure a good car but it needs at least to be detailed and to be checked in its more delicate parts like brakes, clutch and feeding system. We can’t see much more from the photos but this could be a good hit. Find it for sale at €43,000 (today $47,500) here in Roma, Italy.



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