The british one: 1965 Cobra Daytona Coupé


We don’t know deeply the history of the Cobra Daytona but we used to know that all the cars built are well known so we were very surprised to find a bare shell and a chassis for sale at this asking price.


That means that this is not a replica nor an “unknown” Daytona Coupé; luckily the seller explains what car he is selling. Long story short, with the help of the Shelby American Collection: “ late 1963, Ford dealer John Willment (…) heard that Shelby planned to build a series of Cobra coupes. Since he had co-driven this hardtop roadster to a class win at Le Mans that year, he understood the car’s aerodynamic limitations. Thus Willment also wanted a coupe, but when he tried to order one from Shelby, he was turned down. He decided to build his own, using drawings sent by Shelby American”


“At Willment’s shop in Chesley, team member Frank Gardner revised Pete Brock’s drawings, lowering the car’s roofline to reduce drag. (…) The stock Cobra chassis, having 3-inch main tubes, was strengthened. Based on a wooden body buck made in the shop by Ohlsen and Brian Waite, the coupe was assembled by Willment employees Geoff Gilbert, Ted Richard and Frank Shattock, all ex-Aston Martin. Willment team manager Jeff Uren recalls that it was built in the back of Obey’s Garage in Twickenham”


You can read the whole history here where you can also see the twin of this car, in the meantime what we have here could be defined as a “period interpretation” of the Cobra Daytona, using the original drawings but using many british parts, especially about all the electrical components. This ar has still a set of Borrani wire wheels but no suspensions or engine. Is it worth the effort? You decide. Find it for sale here in Oxford, GA, with a starting bid at $245,000 and no bids yet.

7 thoughts on “The british one: 1965 Cobra Daytona Coupé

  1. We have the real one at the Simeone Automotive Museum in Philadelphia. The one that Shelby drove at LeMans and the one that broke all of the Bonneville speed records. It is my favorite car out of an incredibly impressive collection. The stories I could tell about that coupe. Oh wait, I can tell you. I am a docent there. All are invited to come see the real deal.


  2. I do yes. And if someone visits and mentions Classicvirus I will give them a free tour! We are less than ten minutes from the Philadelphia International Airport so a great way to spend a layover.


  3. Haha, great to see there’s a quality audience here!
    Been lusting on some of the cars at the Simeone museum, never visited as I live in France.
    Your Daytona coupé has been made a “national treasure” I believe, correct?


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