Special wagon: 1957 Lancia Appia Giardinetta by Viotti

Even if it seems to you that the line of this car is quite well known, it is likely that you are confused with a Fiat: but this is not.

It is in fact one of the few Lancia Appia transformed by Viotti for a more “practical” use: despite this, the car has only two doors and this is good for the overall appearance of the car. However, practical or not, these cars remained a product destined for a few, and in fact few were made and fewer still remain: the Lancia Appia register knows 43 of them.

This appears to be in fair condition: the seller says the car is preserved, not restored, and to us it actually looks like this even though we believe it is possible (indeed very likely) that it has been repainted at least once, but this would be a venial sin. For the rest, there is no other information, the seller says to write or call. Find it for sale at €15,000 (today $14,900) here in Cento, Italy.


One thought on “Special wagon: 1957 Lancia Appia Giardinetta by Viotti

  1. According to many sources third series Appia was introduced in 1959: Viotti introduced his GIardinetta at Turin Salon in the Autumn of same year, but, although this version appeared on sales catalogs on February 1960, sales started three or four months later. Some 300 exemplars had been produced, until September 1962. About the license plate, it should have been released between March and April 1961 from Reggio Emilia province. So, if the current license is the first one, it’s an early 1961 car, if not, this Appia had been previously registered, less than one year before, in another province.
    Best, GM


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