Normale from the past: 1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

Here is a true “Barn find”: a car that was parked indoors many, many years ago, not rotten, that was not cannibalized or disassembled and scattered in buckets. And, most of all, belonged to the same guy during the last six decades.

This event is even more remarkable because we are talking about an Alfa Romeo, a car that more than their German or American peers tended to rust after a few years of use. Instead, what we observe is a completely created layer of paint that does not seem original: there is white outside, red on the dashboard and light blue in the engine compartment: it is likely that this is the color with which it left the factory. .

The engine is broken but it is still the original one: you can still see the petrol pump mounted on the cylinder head, which caused many problems in case of a hot start (it was then moved to the crankcase). We agree: the floors will need to be replaced but we assure you that, on a 1956 Alfa, this is the least we can expect. Find it for sale here in Cleveland, OH, with bidding at $9,000 and reserve not met.


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