Classy special: 1950 Siata Daina Coupé by Farina

Very few specimens of this model were built, and only a handful survive today: this is one of the best ever.

Based on the Fiat 1400, the Siata Daina was built in several versions including some, such as the Sport and Gran Sport, widely used in competitions, particularly in the USA in championships such as the SCCA, driven by private drivers. This instead is an elegant Coupé that recalls the lines of the Lancia Aurelia B20.

We may have already seen this particular car: restored about ten years ago in Italy and then, probably, later sold abroad; we are not sure about this but these cars are so few that the chances that this is the same car we remember are high. There is little to comment: the car is always very complete and practically perfect, the price is high but we are talking about a top collection piece. Find it for sale at CHF 242,000 (today $266,000) here in Oberweningen, Switzerland.


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