The strange one: 1973 Chevrolet Corvette Hatchback Coupé by Bradley

Harry Bentley Bradley is a name that, while not very well known globally, means something to many car enthusiasts.

He is (he is still alive) a car designer who, in addition to having worked for General Motors, has also designed many models for Hot Wheels: the latter is also a brand that needs no introduction. Among his works at GM is also this prototype based on Chevrolet Corvette, built over three years. In Harry’s words, “This Corvette Hatchback Coupe was designed and constructed to give the owner a vehicle that was as close to a factory prototype as possible. The intent was to develop a quality specialty vehicle, not another Corvette custom car.”

The seller has reported a very long description of the car which takes some time to read but it is certainly an interesting read. The summary is that this prototype is not a garage job, but was built to the standards of an automotive company, starting with the Cragar wheels designed especially for this car. The car is definitely in need of restoration but it is not in a desperate condition – all the custom parts seem to be there so it would be absolutely worth restoring and showing it in as many auto shows as possible. Find it for sale at $19,000 here in Hayward, CA.


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