Three cylinders, three doors: 1965 Saab 95 Station Wagon

Station wagons have been very popular in the US since the early postwar period, while in Europe they have taken root many years later.

In particular, the first European car manufacturers to focus on this configuration were the Swedish ones, we are obviously talking about Volvo and Saab: the latter in particular was initially characterized by the adoption of two-stroke engines: reliable units, basically with zero maintenance. even if very polluting, but sixty years ago the protection of the environment was certainly not a priority.

Saab made its debut in the station wagon world with the 95 model, powered by an 841 cc two-stroke three-cylinder engine and characterized by three doors: as per the rationalistic tradition of northern Europe, the opening door was placed on the right side, i.e. the side of the sidewalk. This specimen is said to have been imported from Sweden in 2002: it is evident that it is a restored car, although we do not know if in Sweden or Italy, where it is currently located. Nice colors and nice car: it looks in excellent condition also considering how clean the engine compartment looks; last but not least, a very attractive price. Find it for sale at €13,000 (today$15,000) here in Varese, Italy.


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