Affluent coachbuilt: 1963 Fiat 1500 Coupé by Allemano

We are always willing to publish special Fiats, that is all those built by the galaxy of coachbuilders who worked in Turin.

In this case we are dealing with a car from 1963, or in the period in which the inexorable decline of the profession of “coachbuilder” began in its highest form, that is to give substance to the dreams of those enthusiasts who wanted something special from to drive, even if starting from a “common” basis, such as the Fiat 1500.

Allemano is the one who gave shape to this slender coupé that could be used as a daily driver even by a family man (who had no more than two children, of course): the interior is sufficiently spacious as well as the trunk, while the engine, although not very powerful, is rock solid. Those with the keen eye will surely recognize the stylistic features also used on the Maserati 5000GT: while not quite as aristocratic in origin, this coupe certainly has character. Find it for sale at €32,000 (today $36,000) here in Piacenza, Italy.


One thought on “Affluent coachbuilt: 1963 Fiat 1500 Coupé by Allemano

  1. Too late! Four minutes after I got your notice by email, the adv was withdrawn. You just put me in a sad mood for this morning ; – I


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