Inner circle: 1956 Fiat 1100 Tv “Desireé” by Vignale

This 1100 TV is part of that small circle of coupes built by Vignale in the end of the fifties, of which very few survive today.

A great-uncle of mine had one then (I’m talking about the late 1950s), and at the time this was considered a high-end car and it definitely made the owner stand out from the crowd: no one knows where that car has gone but it probably has had a sad fate, along with many others of the same series: it is optimistic to think that today there are more than ten examples of this custom-built model around.

From a photo posted by the seller it is clear that the car was found complete but in bad condition, however it looks like a complete car and the seller says it still has the original black plates. From the photos it is also clear that the restoration has already begun and indeed the bodywork seems to have benefited from cataphoresis, a procedure that serves to protect the sheet metal, basically forever. All right then, too bad the price is not disclosed: find it for sale here in Savignano Sul Rubicone, Italy.


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