Sandwiched: 1965 Porsche 911

1965 is a year that counts a lot for Porsche 911 enthusiasts, second in importance only to the previous year which saw the coexistence of the 356 model and the 911, the latter starting in August.

In fact, during 165 the so-called “zero series” was still produced, as it was initially called 901 but unfortunately the model consisting of three numbers with zero in the center was a trade mark of Peugeot and so it could no longer be used by the factory of Stuttgart. The fact remains that the 1965 911s are in the hands of the most renowned collectors and are worth a lot.

Clearly they are worth a lot when they are in top condition: this 911 on the other hand has been the victim of a rear-end collision (and has probably hit someone else in turn), as a result it is a seriously damaged car that has not been repaired since until ten years ago. a good repair would have been absolutely uneconomical, perhaps not today. The car is said to be matching numbers (very important) and also looks complete: it takes a long and expensive job but, being careful, it fits. Find it for sale at $79,950 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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