Flatbed: 1970 Fiat 850T Cassonato by Coriasco

And here is another variation performed on the platform of the much better known Fiat 850: this time too it is a work vehicle.

We have seen so far many variants created on the 850 platform, but it is the first time that we see this version which, in the case of American pickups, is called “flatbed”. There are in fact other more famous vehicles for this type of bodywork, and the most famous of all is definitely the Volkswagen Typ 2 (that of the Bus, so to speak).

This bodywork was also built by the Coriasco workshops: the nose is a little reminiscent of that of the Multipla (and so does the general setting) but the wheelbase is longer: this has made it possible to obtain a loading surface (640 kgs) more suited to the intended use of this vehicle which, so far, is one of a kind. It has clearly been fully restored (we do not know if those you see are in the original colors) and still proudly bears the Coriasco badge and its “almost” original black number plates: they are from 1973. Find it for sale at €15,000 (today $17,000) here in San Miniato, Italy.


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