V12 clone: 1959 Ferrari 250 TR replica #4761

The name Testarossa (redhead) is legendary in the world of classic European car enthusiasts, yet the origin of that feature – the red embossed paint on the heads – is far less epic than it seems.

Indeed, Sergio Scaglietti, in an interview that dates back to about fifteen years ago, said that a few days before finishing the first car for the races, the black embossed paint for the heads was finished and the only one available at the moment was the red one. Simple as that. Returning to the car itself, this is said to be the exact replica of chassis # 770TR: one of the owners of the original decided to have replicas created when the value of the original skyrocketed, so this should be extremely similar to the original. , at least in form and proportions.

The seller underlines the fact that this replica is almost exactly identical to the original as the only different details are the improvement ones such as, for example, the propshaft which on this vehicle is perfectly aligned between gearbox and differential. It is certainly a nice toy that, probably, is not reproducible today at the same asking price. Find it for sale at $925,000 here in Costa Mesa, CA.


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