Rare bird: 1964 Fiat 600/750 by Scioneri

This is really a rare bird: we only saw it in passing in a book about the “Special” Fiat 600s, but never in person, let alone for sale.

It is one of the innumerable interpretations of the Turin coachbuilders (and not only) made on the very versatile and solid base of the Fiat 600: in this case the interpretation includes more “serious” rather than sporty lines like those created by Viotti a few years earlier, however this is much rarer.

The seller says that only two survive: in reality from some brief research at least three emerge: obviously this is an insignificant difference, we are talking about a very rare car that you will very rarely see for sale in the future. The condition looks very good: it is definitely a restored car from a very good base as it is very complete. Find it for sale at €15,000 (today $18,000) here in Chiuro, Italy.


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