Rare: 1949 Fiat 500 B Giardiniera


Some sources say that less than twenty Fiat 500 B Giardiniera are still around. This car, although in need of a total restoration, seems a very good candidate for the job. The cracks in the silver paint show the green paint which could be the original tone.


The car has still its original four digits license plate: we love it. Taillights are not original but replacing them is an easy job. We could imagine how beautiful this car could be with the original green toghether with the maroon of the restored wood panels.


More photos (better photos) would have been a great thing but if you are settled for a big restoration work on this car you don’t need much more to take a decision. This car is for sale here in Passo Di Treia, Italy, at € 16,500 (today $ 21,700).


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