From darkness: 1974 Fiat 600 Varela Berlineta


Here we go again: this is the first time ever that we see this car but, more than anything else, it is the first time we know of its existence. Unfortunately, although we are passionate about classic cars, we can’t know everything.


This car is one of the many daughters of Argentina’s post war automotive industry, characterized by small manufacturers that built special cars in small series, often based on Fiat models, just like this car based on a Fiat 600. The manufacturer in question is Luis Varela, born professionally as a car journalist and later converted to the design and production of cars, mainly using fiberglass.


The seller claims (rightly so, we think) that this is one of the very few Varela Berlinetta still circulating in the country. The description of the car ends here so that, from what we can see, the car seems in fair condition but, even if it needs mechanical work there would not be any problems because the spare parts for the Fiat 600 are easily available and not too expensive. Find it for sale at $12,000 here in Mendoza, Argentina.


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