Parking patina: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI


The car here is a Giulia TI and so far nothing extraordinary, the relevant thing is that this car has been parked for forty years in a garage.


In fact, the car has a nice patina: it is not rust or broken glass but the real patina of time (as well as a lot of dust, actually) passed in a garage: the sure thing is that nobody has driven this Alfa since 1985, but something tells us that this car is stuck since more time than that.


The car has a nice patina: it’s not about rust or broken glass but the real and the car looks completely original in every detail: the engine bay looks right, the dashboard and the vinyl interior seem consistent with the model, including the combination of very nice colors: slate gray and red inside. Probably there will be some gaskets and liquids to replace but we trust that it will be very little to put this Giulia back on the road. Find it for sale a €12,000 (today $13,700) here in Chieti, Italy.


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