Golden ticket: 1964 Fiat 1500 Coupé by Ghia

The seller of this rare Ghia 1500 GT says that 846 cars like this have been built, and that currently 30 survive: we are not sure about this last figure, however we are still talking about a very rare car.

Over the years we have seen several 1500 GTs for sale (both in photos and in real life), and we have also published some: we have always been amazed by how little they seemed interesting, so much so that, a few years ago, we published one, in excellent condition. been on sale for months for less than $30,000. What can I say, we had given you the tip, we did our duty.

This car in particular is the first that we see painted gold: although the photos are of poor quality, the car looks very nice and in fact the seller says that it has been restored respecting the original configuration as much as possible. The interior would look nice (if you are missing any interior trim parts for this model, good luck finding them) while the only thing we feel is missing on the outside is the “Ghia 1500 GT” badge originally placed just above the front grille: we must also say that we’re not sure that every car had it. Unfortunately, the price is not stated but if the car interests you, expect a request greater than double the one we mentioned above. Find it for sale here in Palermo, Italy.


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