Odd sedan: 1975 Citroën GS Pallas C-Matic

“Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them” (David Hume)

In the panorama of classic car collecting there are many levels of rarity, beauty but, apart from the rarity which is measurable in numerical terms, beauty is very subjective.

Yes, because beauty is often made up of several factors, although aesthetics is the one most generally considered: there is also the beauty given by the history of a car, its conditions, its construction technique, the materials used and so on. In this specific case, what must be considered is the construction technique and the pristine conditions of this GS Pallas.

This example, equipped with the C-Matic gearbox (also used on contemporary DS), is said to have original 41,000 km and to be in a state of perfect conservation. We agree: this is not a rare Alfa, Lancia or Porsche, however if we had the space and the financial capacity to have a huge collection, this car would certainly be included. Find it for sale at €8,499 (today $10,000) here in Bruxelles, Belgium. Thanks to Kevin for this tip!


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