One family car: 1972 Audi 100S Coupé

It has a beautiful color and looks very, very well preserved: this is the brief identikit of this rare Audi.

The fact that the car looks very well preserved is probably also due to the fact that the car – so the seller says – has passed from father to son and has therefore remained in the same family since new; generally a story like this is always a good reference for a classic car.

The paint, especially on the bonnet, shows its 50 years of age but this, at least for us, is by no means a defect on the contrary, it makes it even more fascinating. These Audi coupes are a rare commodity in Italy: you had to be really passionate about the brand to spend an amount equal to or greater than that necessary to take home a brand new Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 with certainly superior performance, but with a build quality that we all know. Find it for sale at €22,000 (today $26,000) here in Matera, Italy.


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