Bubble era: 1960 Ford Starliner 2-Door Hardtop


Have you ever seen a car like this on the street? Well, if it has never happened to you, know that crossing a car like this on the street is like seeing a spaceship.


Indeed, these cars have completely different proportions from those of not only current cars but also from European cars of the same era which in comparison seem to be pedal cars both for their size and for the level of attention to detail. In addition, they have huge dimensions which, combined with a color like this, make a sighting a special event which will not be forgotten.


This car in particular is said to be painted in Orchid Gray Iridesent which was available for one year only. This Starliner is equipped with factory air conditioning (actually not working), factory AM radio, power steering and power brakes. The seller, who owned it since 2011, has dome some work on it replacing some parts but it basically seems that is a car which needs nothing. Find it for sale at $30,000 here in Palm Springs, CA.


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