The white option: 1986 Mercedes-Benz 560 SL


We have not verified, but we believe this is the first time that we publish this model and it is immediate to understand why.


Certainly not because it is not a beautiful car: it is certainly not a sports car but an icon of luxury from the 80s, built in a solid way like all Mercedes-Benz cars of that time and weatherproof like a rock. The downside is that this build quality was paid for at the time and, if you buy spare parts, it costs even now.


In fact, the problem is not about finding the spare parts: if you go to any authorized Mercedes dealer you can ask them for any spare part, and they will get it for you, even though at a high price. This car seems to have been parked for some time and the seller says that it does not run, however it does not seem bad at all from the outside and it would be really worth investigating also because, let’s face it, at the asking price you barely buy the entry level of the Rolex wrist watches. Find it for sale at $3,000 here in Holly Spring, NC.


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