Stuck kit: 1963 Austin-Healey Jamaican

You have certainly seen many times of classic cars that got stuck in the middle of a restoration for a variety of reasons (generally missing money and / or time), and this situation is even more common for kit cars.

In fact we have often seen body kits that have never even been installed and left to languish in the backyard, in this case the story does not change much, however the positive thing is that the kit is in good condition and the “donor” car, an Austin- Healey 3000 which appears to be in excellent condition.

In fact, the seller did not go into detail by taking photos of the interior or other details of the car (perhaps because at this moment there are none), however he has photographed the underbody which looks very dry and very healthy, it seems that the donor car was parked since 1969 and still has its original tires. The price is not stated. Find it for sale here in Laguna Beach, CA.


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