Almost 850: 1960 Abarth 750 Coupé by Allemano


As is often the case with classic Abarth cars, every car has something special, and this coupé is no exception. At first glance it seemed a 850 Scorpione with the body built by Allemano, but the seller reiterates that this is a 750 and in fact, observing it carefully, it is clear that the front end is slightly different from the Scorpione: the nose of this car is more “pointy” than the 850 we all know and the rear hood seems to be equipped with a dynamic air inlet that is missing on the 850 Scorpio. Unfortunately very few photos have been uploaded.


The owner claims that this is one of the very few coupes 750 built and that probably this is the only survivor of that small series: we do not know if in fact this is the only one survived but certainly it is extremely rare; unfortunately, it no longer has its original engine and, although the car appears to be in fair condition, the seller says that it needs a restoration. Find it for sale at €55,000 (today $62,500) here in Naples, Italy.


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