The plastic side: 1964 Autobianchi Stellina DB 100


This small spider produced for two years by Autobianchi was in fact the first Italian series car (small series) with the fiberglass body.



Unfortunately the Italians were very wary of this material that they called simplistically as “plastic” and, considering that this car cost 50% more than a Fiat 500 (although it has a very similar power, since the engine was that of a Fiat 600D), the sales were not very successful: more or less only 500 cars were built.


Among the equipment of this car was also available the hardtop that was rarely purchased with the car so it is very rare to find one, and in fact this car is without it. On the other hand the car seems very correct and equipped with all the features of when it was new, including the perspex caps on the headlights that very often have been lost over the years. Also not to be overlooked is the Nardi steering wheel which, even when taken alone, has a high value. Find it for sale at €15,000 (today $17,000) here in Premaricco, Italy.


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