Blue away: 1961 Lancia Flaminia Coupé by Pininfarina


During the 50s and 60s, about 50% of Italian automobile production was destined for export, and this Flaminia Coupè testifies it since it is located in Puerto Rico.


This car was probably painted in Blu Lancia, the flagship color of the factory since the Lancia was the only one to produce this color as it was not a predefined formula but the result of a consecutive application of several layers of different varnishes. Unfortunately, the color is now faded as well as the general conditions of the car.


It is not a very bad car: it is evident a dent at the height of the front passenger headlight but it is not anything serious, the engine compartment is quite complete (but not very complete: where’s the water cooler?) as well as the interiors that, however, are completely to redo. This is not a car that can go back on te street with a few touches: here a complete restoration is needed, so it is important to do math well before embarking on this journey. Find it for sale at $16,000 here in Carolina, Puerto Rico.


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