The Special button: 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce


In the last 7-8 years “Veloce” is a term that has become part of the dictionary of many classic car enthusiasts, especially those not particularly interested in Alfa Romeo.


We all know the result of this phenomenon: by now “Veloce” means “Expensive”, especially on the Alfa pre-1966 (but also the more recent ones that have the “Veloce” badge are now within the reach of a few). Here is a Giulietta Spider Veloce with 750 frame, short wheelbase (always remember: not all the 750 are swb) and an engine fed by two Weber DCO3 carburetors.


Among the many features that the Veloce have compared to the “Normal” Giulietta Spider, there is the horn button on the Veloce has the writing “Giulietta Special” and, just to change, this button is very rare (and therefore expensive) to be found on the market: we are obviously not talking about reproductions. This car seems to have benefited from a restoration, probably more than a decade ago, and still seems in fair condition, but if you’re interested remember to check the details in depth and, if you need, check Spiderveloce’s Blog: Alejandro will also answer you in English. Find it for sale here in Richfield, NC, with bidding at $10,000 and reserve not met.


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