Waiting for someone: 1967 Lancia Fulvia Sport by Zagato


The appearance of this Fulvia Zagato could discourage many, but in our opinion the car is in much better condition than it seems at first sight.


In fact it is a car that has begun to be restored but then, for some reason (generally there are two reasons: lack of time, lack of budget or both) the work has been blocked, probably for several years before the owner decides that it was time to move on.


The seller claims that the car is very complete, still has the original black plates and the original papers, the engine and the gearbox are still installed. Our curiosity is to understand if this is one of the Fulvia Sport built entirely in Peraluman (except the boot lid that has always been made of steel) or the second series with the body built in steel. According to our sources the first series was built from ’65 to ’67, and therefore this should be among those with light body, but if you are inexperienced call the seller: you will know much sooner. Find it for sale at €17,000 (today $19,300) here in Carpi, Italy.


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