Stale chocolate: 1955 Porsche 356 Speedster


This brown 356 Speedster (chassis # 80358) is said to have been in storage for over 25 years and has recently been gone through mechanically to get it road worthy again.


We believe that it’s the first time we see not even a Porsche 356 but any classic car whose previous owner has changed the color from the original red to brown: we have rather seen the reverse, but this is truly a novelty for us. Don’t get us wrong: there are some very nice brown tones, especially combined with tan or parchment interiors, so we still understand the choice of the previous owner.


The car: quite dry even if with some passing rust points, not bad interior, slightly opaque paint but with a nice patina. Like many of his peers, the original 16 “wheels have been replaced with those with a 15” diameter for greater driveability, the engine comes from a 1959 model and it seems that the car is perfectly drivable as it is. Now the question: would you prefer to drive this or one in museum conditions at a double price? Find it for sale at $190,000 here in San Diego, CA.


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