Polish aluminium: 1965 Cobra 427 S/C by Kirkham


Yep, that’s a replica. But, as all of you know, not all replicas are the same and that’s true also for this Cobra 427 built by Kirkham, a small factory in Provo, UT.


There, among the beautiful landascapes of Utah, the Kirkham brothers build the best replica of the Shelby Cobra, both in 289 and 427 configuration, S/C or street models; all of them are crafted in aluminium in a Poland factory that used to craft the fuselages of the russian MIG aircraft: they actually know how to shape that metal. Apart from the body, Kirkham is known to build the most faithful Cobra replica ever, in terms of body proportions, chassis and details all around.


You could imagine that these replicas don’t come cheap and you would be right: if you order a running one you should be ready to spend $150K (at least) and wait one year for it, on the other side this particular car (chassis KMP223) is here even though it doesn’t run: the engine (a 427 FE) and transmission (a four speed top loader) are out of the car. There is still some work to do then but, if the price doesn’t rise much, it could be a very good deal other than being a very intriguing winter project (that’s too hot now). Find it for sale here in Benicia, CA, with bidding at $50,000 and reserve not met.


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