Even rarer: 1959 Fiat 500 N Sport “Tetto rigido”


The rarest version of the Fiat 500 was only painted in grey with large red side stripes: that’s the “Sport” model made to push the sales of the Fiat 500 which, oddly, didn’t go well up to the early sixties.


This is the third 500 Sport published here and we guess that the actual population ofthis model is not much more than that: this model is way rarer than any Abarth version but it’s not well known by most people also because, as just written, is extremely rare. The Sport had more power: the engine (type 110.004), thanks to a new camshaft, increased compression and bigger valves, produced 21.5 hp, a huge 30% more power than the standard version.


This particular car is said to have been completely restored respectfully with the original specifications; also this car comes from the same italian collection from which the Abarth published monday comes: for sure the previous owner was an Abarth nut and then we guess that this car should be correct in any way. Find it for sale at €46,000 (today $54,000) here in Grumello, Italy.


2 thoughts on “Even rarer: 1959 Fiat 500 N Sport “Tetto rigido”

  1. Dear Sirs,
    Came across you site were you are saying that this particular car rarest version of the Fiat 500N I think I got one of them that been stored for very long time,to do restoration which i never did. If I do give you these numbers will it make any sense for you?
    the car is a RHD so in under bonnet on its right side on top right of fuel tank there is this number.
    FIAT 110*044****
    on the plate on the right side the compartment engine there is the VIN plate with these numbers.
    on the engine there is
    I wish I can send you pictures of this car doe it need a lot of doing up doe the engine was started some 15 years ago,body as paint was striped to start restoration but never been done.if you like that I send pic. I be glad to do so.
    Hope this info can help to identify the year and model.
    Thanks in advance you reply will be very much appreciated.


  2. Hello Lino,

    For sure yours is a ’58 car, however the engine type is not a 110F.004 so that’s not a Sport engine.
    Of course the engine could have been replaced in the past, but the only way to be sure about the origin of your car is to ask FCA for a certificate:


    By the way I’ve removed the last numbers of the chassis number from the comment to avoid any misuse: you never know…

    Last but not least: does your car have a steel or a open roof?


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