Needs cosmetics: Lotus Elite Type 14


It’s not that we forgot to put the year of the car in the title, the fact is that the seller didn’t write it.


In fact, this Elite, perhaps the most beautiful Lotus ever produced, is a “Type 14”, produced from 1957 to 1963: we are not Lotus experts so we are unable to deduce, perhaps from some small detail, the year of production of this car which, however, remains pleasing to the eye even in the conditions in which it is found.


It is a car built with a monocoque of fiberglass and equipped with an engine with a single overhead camshaft powered by a couple of two-throat Webers carburettors that produced 75 horsepower: if they seem few, consider that this car weighs less than 1,200 lbs (590 kg). The seller says that, basically, the mechanical part is all arranged and that it only needs the cosmetic part to be done. Find it for sale at $55,000 here in San Clemente, CA.


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