Dusty but not rusty: 1956 Porsche 356 Speedster

One of ebay’s most watched cars these days is this Speedster from 1956, and I guess the reason is clear to you.

The reason is – think about how things change over the years – dust. Until the 1980s, this car’s only destination would have been the junkyard, where it would have been cannibalized of the still good parts and the rest would have been crushed under a 100-ton hydraulic press: today it would almost deserve to be in a car museum.

The reason is that, in a world of restorations and reproductions, looking at a car as it left the factory more than sixty years ago is now a very rare event, even if the car itself is not in condition, let’s say, “gorgeous”. In any case, net of a thorough cleaning of the hood and interiors, of a few patches here and there on the floors and the overhauling of everything needed to drive it, this Speedster doesn’t need anything else. Find it for sale at $356,000 here in Pleasanton, CA.


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