Here and there: 1976 Fiat Dino 2000 Coupé

As it often happens, carrying out a restoration seems like a fun activity when you follow it on a blog or a forum, in reality it is something very challenging.

Obviously it depends on how you deal with it: if you have large sums to spend and follow the restoration step by step you are not particularly interested, then you just need to deliver the car to a professional restorer telling him “call me when you’re done”, otherwise you have to get your hands dirty but, in this case, life often holds unexpected events as probably happened to the former owner of this Fiat Dino 2000 who abandoned his restoration project.

In the case of this car, it seems that the hard work, that is the one related to the bodywork, is finished; the seller says that the seats have been redone along with the rear axle, that the engine is completely disassembled but the parts are all there. In reality it seems that there are parts everywhere: in this case the difficulty is certainly not inspecting the car but making sure that nothing has been overlooked. Find it for sale at €25,000 (today $29,500) here in Grigny, France.

2 thoughts on “Here and there: 1976 Fiat Dino 2000 Coupé

  1. Kinda scary actually; smatherings of bondo visible under the rear apron, no sign of the window trims, no engine photos, no interior photos, in fact, the front seems to be riding high, as if there is no engine/trans installed?


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