Combat skills: 1948 Lancia Esatau 6 Rom

Some time ago we published another example of Lancia Esatau, but in that case it was a “civil” version, among other things very well restored.

Here, however, we are faced – and this, for us, is an absolute novelty – of an Esatau destined for the Italian army (or at least of what remained of it) of the immediate post-war period, and it even seems that this vehicle has 25,000 original kms and, of course, very few people have put their hands on it in 78 years.

The rear section, at least externally, seems to need a new paint layer as the old one (we don’t know if original) has exfoliated. The cockpit appears to be in good condition, on the other hand neither photos of the engine compartment nor others of the rear (inside) have been published; however the seller says the rig is in perfect working order. Find it for sale at €12,000 (today $14,000) here in Torino, Italy.


One thought on “Combat skills: 1948 Lancia Esatau 6 Rom

  1. I saw this truck in 1987 during my miltary service period in a military depot at La Venaria Reale (TO). The emblem on the fender belongs to the “Cremona” Infantry Brigade, in which i served. The proper name of the truck is ACP48, Esatau-derived, while the Esaro was the previous model (1941-47).

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