Top tier: 1965 Abarth OT 1600

We did not know of the existence of this model: in fact we knew the OT 2000 called by the nickname “Monster”, this is the smaller sister.

In fact, it seems that very few specimens of this model (technically called 102 / B) were built: this model had to be purchased directly from the racing department which set up to order and, according to the seller, cost twice as much as a new Porsche 911. It was equipped with a 1600cc engine equipped with double overhead camshafts (called type X025-A) that produced 130hp: the purpose of this car was to compete in the same category in which the Alfa Romeo GTAs won it all.

The model presented here has even had only one owner who has kept it in perfect order during the last 57 years, and has also kept the original invoice, and has even been published in a specialized book on the brand. The car actually appears to be in impeccable condition, while the price hasn’t been disclosed: if you’re thinking of getting to know it, be prepared for bad news. Find it for sale here in Reims, France.


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