Unusual stuff: 1957 Lancia Appia Convertibile by Vignale

Ok, we imagine that at first glance you may look at this ad and think “What am I supposed to do with this wreck?”

This question would make perfect sense if the car in question was an Appia Convertible belonging to the third series, this instead belongs to the second series and this means three things: first of all it has a two-seater configuration, and not 2 + 2 like the subsequent series, then the body: it is different from the third series as the rear fenders have a “fin” instead of being straight, the last thing is a consequence of the first two: this model is very rare.

If you don’t believe how rare this model is, google around and check out how many are on sale now or in the past. What we have mentioned are obviously the positives, the negatives are plain to see: the car is a wreck and does not even look complete, but at least it still has its original black license plate. Find it for sale at €10,000 (today $11,000) here in Foggia, Italy.


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