Distant wheels: 1961 Lancia Appia GTE by Zagato

We have already seen an Appia in its convertible version, so there is nothing wrong with seeing one converted by Zagato.

It is in fact a GTE, characterized by the longer wheelbase of its “Sport” saddles and by a general greater resemblance to its big sister, the Flaminia built by Zagato which in common has the dashboard which is practically identical in these two cars, even if the Flaminia cost twice as much as an Appia at the time.

The color is dark gray for which we could not find the specific name, surely some Lancia expert will be able to fill this gap. The interior, however simple, looks very nice both in terms of state and color, especially when combined with the body color. We would have liked detailed photos of the engine compartment or trunk, but the ones that are there seem sufficient to us to understand that it is a very beautiful specimen. Find it for sale at €149,990 (today $167,000) here in Fontenay-sur-Eure, France.


One thought on “Distant wheels: 1961 Lancia Appia GTE by Zagato

  1. From some colour charts I had the occasion to scan this GTE looks like having been painted Ascot Grey, one of the darkest amongst all Appia greys.
    Best, Giuseppe Maranghi – Laveno (VA – Italy)


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