Red & white: 1957 Lancia Appia Convertibile by Vignale

Just a few weeks ago we released this Appia Convertible, underlining the fact that being a two-seater it was a very rare car. Well now you can see what it would look like once restored.

This is a very first series, even built in 57, which still seems to have its original black “Torino” plates: you can’t ask for better. It has been completely restored and, we add, also very well, at least judging by the cleanliness and correctness of the engine compartment.

As already mentioned, this is a two-seater that has the rear wings with a characteristic shape, so it does not have the “straight” profile of the subsequent series which, moreover, are also equipped with a bench behind the front seats. All impeccable then, just a pity that the price is aligned with the rarity of this convertible. Find it for sale at €100,000 (today $105,000) here in Monza, Italy.


2 thoughts on “Red & white: 1957 Lancia Appia Convertibile by Vignale

  1. From the few pictures we can see that the license COULD be TO 24???3, the range from TO 24xxxx to TO 25xxxx SHOULD go from early October 1957 to late February 1958. I wrote it in uppercase letters just to say it’s not 100% sure, I just remember that in some cases the license could have been requested in advance, when the customer ordered the tailored car, this creates some discrepancies in the progressive license number / license date of release sequence.
    Giuseppe Maranghi – Laveno (VA – Italy)


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