The odd cabrio: 1974 BMW 3.0 CSI

We do not know who made this conversion and above all, more importantly, we do not know how it was done. The conversion from closed car to open car in fact requires a deep expertise of the torsional forces that are exerted on the body of a car. Nonetheless, we find this specimen very interesting.

Yes, because actually this conversion seems to have been made by someone who, at least in appearance, knew where to put his hands. In one of the only two photos posted the attacks of a top are highlighted, and the seller says he has this top available: it is a pity that he has not portrayed it. The area behind the rear seats looks bespoke and features two molded speaker seats. The curious thing is about the engine: the seller says this car has a 3.5 liter Turbo engine, if so it is probably a unit taken from a BMW 745I E23, but this is just a guess. Last thing: the seller says he has the wheels but in the photo they were taken apart to unlock the brakes which were stuck. Find it for sale at €25,000 (today $26,000) here in San Paolo di Civitale, Italy.


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