Bulletproof vest: 1975 Volkswagen Typ2 by Fontauto

The 70s were very contrasted years: great creative ferment but also a lot of violence: many had to equip themselves accordingly.

And so the symbolic vehicle of the Hippie culture has been transformed for a task very far from the one for which it was born. In this case it is a Typ 2 bus that has been armored as its was (and still is) a dangerous job: transporting valuables from point A to point B and we all know what can happen between the aforementioned two points .

The bulletproof reinforcement work was done by the Fontauto body shop (still operational) of Cuneo, in north-western Italy, and we assume that the engine too has been upgraded to carry around a few hundred kilos more than intended by the Volkswagen designers. The vehicle appears to be in superb condition: we don’t know if it has been fully or partially restored, but it certainly needs nothing. Find it for sale here in Pistoia, Italy, with bidding at €17,000 (today $18,500) and no reserve price


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