To see: 1953 Panhard Dyna X87 Junior



Being a man of few words is often a good thing, however it is no longer a good thing when it comes to describe a car that deserves it.


The car to describe, in this case, is a Panhard Dyna Junior, a car that has always fascinated us (and of which we have published other specimens for sale), perhaps because it is “attached” and frse because it looks a bit like Porsche 356 Speedster, cars that we have never hidden be our hidden wish.


This specimen has been completely restored: the seller has published some photos where it is understood that the restoration was radical: the car was completely dismantled in all its parts, and these were restored one by one without, apparently, any savings. The color scheme is very beautiful, typical of the 50s, and it will surely make many heads turn along the way. Find it for sale at €27,550 (today $30,500) here in Arles, France.


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