Perfect green: 1951 Ford Custom Convertible


Even if – among classic cars – the American ones are not at the top of your wish list, you cannot fail to appreciate this Ford Custom.


First of all because it is a car that, in terms of shape and size, is very close to the European standard of that era, then because it has a very nice color combination (a classic, we could say) and, last but not least, it is in extraordinary conditions.


For the uninitiated, in this case “Custom” is not an attribute but the name of this model, built in a sedan, coupe and convertible version like this one here; this model in particular was first sold in 1950 and, with few modifications, also in 1951. Now, we are not experts on Ford of the 50s but we have seen many, and none like this: inside out, above below, everything seems no less than perfect and above all correct. Obviously, some real experts might notice some correct details that we miss, but we are sure that they would be very few. Find it for sale at $59,000 here in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.


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