Bundle of snakes: 1960 Moretti 750 Spider by Corna


For some time now this seller has been amazing for the rarity of the specimens that he often puts up for sale, and the car that we publish today is just the latest in a long series.


It is – most likely – a unique specimen, built on a Moretti 750 chassis and engine and a roadster bodywork tailored by Fratelli Corna coachworks, now extinct but at the time it was one of dozens of – more or less famous – body shops found in the urban fabric of Turin, the European Motown.


The thing that impressed us most about this car is not so much the body itself, certainly very accurate but aesthetically not at the level of its other competitors of the time, but the engine compartment: the exhaust manifold has an incredible workmanship that reminded us the one of the Ford GT-40, called “Bundle of Snakes”. Among the documents present there are also some period invoices, one from the body shop that crafted the body, one from Moretti (for the delivery of engine, gearbox and chassis), and one about the Borrani rims still installed in the car. Find it for sale at €110,000 (today $123,000) here in Grumello, Italy.


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