French bronze: 1966 Alpine A108


Not long ago we published a yellow A108, in conditions that looked beautiful. Today we have another one, but in much less seductive conditions than the first.


It is in effect a car to be restored in its entirety, however it seems anything but a wreck: there is certainly a careful work to do to bring all the components back to their original state but, in the case of this model, we start with a body – designed by Michelotti, let’s always remember – in fiberglass that should give less problems than a traditional bodywork.


The car was born in bronze with a red interior; a beautiful and elegant combination that has the defect of not pleasing everyone, and this is probably the reason why the car was later repainted in the classic France blue (just like the red color abused on Italian cars). We do not know in which conditions the interior is, as there are no photos of it, on the pther side the seller says that the engine is original; the last doubt we have is whether this is an Alpine produced in France or one of those produced (in much greater numbers) by the brazilian Interlagos; from the numbers mentioned by the seller should be French by birth. Find it for sale at €40,000 (today $44,500) here in Thionville, France.


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