French bronze: 1966 Alpine A108

Not long ago we published a yellow A108, in conditions that looked beautiful. Today we have another one, but in much less seductive conditions than the first. It is in effect a car to be restored in its entirety, however it seems anything but a wreck: there is certainly a careful work to do to… Read More French bronze: 1966 Alpine A108

The brazilian way/2: 1965 Willys Interlagos Berlineta

As you can easily imagine, this car is strictly related to its most famous relative, the Alpine A108 which was a winner of a lot of road races across europe during the sixties and the seventies. But, differently from the Alpine, this was build in Brazil thanks to an agreement among Renault and Willys-Overland, using the engine of… Read More The brazilian way/2: 1965 Willys Interlagos Berlineta