Never seen before: 1960 Alpine A108 Cabriolet (by Allemano?)


We’re far to consider ourselves as classic cars experts but we’re neither the last of the bunch. However, we not only haven’t ever saw this car, but we didn’t ever know of its existence. It’s called Alpine Renault A108 Cabrio and, we must say, it’s a very pretty car. This car seems to be a blend among an Abarth 750 Allemano Spider (rear end) and something similar to Zagato creations (front end). Whatever the inspiration is, the outcome is nice to see.


Apart from style, this car seems to be in very good conditions. The seller doesn’t say anything about the history of this car, nor if it’s a survivor or if it has been restored in the past. He neither says what kind of engine is installed on this car, even if should be an inline-four 750 c.c. unit.


Interiors look good but so far we haven’t any period photos to be used as reference. Same thing for the engine and trunk which are not pictured on the advert. The asking price is high for the 98% of the world population but sometimes that’s the cost of rarity. Find it for sale at €79,999 (today $104,000) here in Furstenfeldbruck, Germany.

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